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Innovation for Deep Tech Startups:
A Workshop for Entrepreneurs

Transform Your Venture and Connect with Leading American

and Indian Corporations like Intel, NVIDIA, MathWorks,

Johnson Controls, Tata Technologies and VCs.

 Thank you for making our deep tech workshop a huge success!

Check out the event pictures now.

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About The Program

The Nexus Startup Hub, one of the premier business incubators in India, will conduct a workshop for innovative and disruptive deep tech startups on April 28-29, 2023.


The two-day workshop is designed to provide startups with valuable insights, practical skills, and connections that can help them succeed in the deep technology industry. The program will include sessions from international and local experts, corporate and VCs funders, keynote speeches, and round table discussions with industry leading companies and experts. 


Participants will have the opportunity to connect with leading American and Indian corporations and funders working in deep technology, and gain valuable insights into emerging trends and best practices in the industry.


The Innovation for Deep Tech Startups workshop will explore the cutting-edge technologies and disruptive business models that are transforming industries and creating new opportunities for startups. 


Participants will have the opportunity to learn about emerging trends in deep tech, VC and other funders’ perspectives, the importance of protecting intellectual property and developing a patent strategy, identifying value propositions, among other lessons. They will get the chance to hear success stories from startups that have successfully leveraged their disruptive innovations to create new markets and drive growth.


Besides the business training, the program will provide peer-to-peer learning, collaboration opportunities, mentor-mentee connections and networking among the participants, all in a supportive atmosphere run by the premier startup incubator in India.


​The workshop is being conducted by the Nexus Startup Hub by the U.S. Department of State, in partnership with ACIR and outreach partners iTIC - IITH, SID - IISC.

Benefits of the Workshop

Participating in the Innovation for Deep Tech Startups workshop will provide startups with a range of benefits, including:


  • Connect directly with leading American and Indian corporations working in deep technology

  • Connect directly with leading VCs and corporate funders specifically focused on deep tech startups

  • Learn about emerging trends and best practices in the industry

  • Develop practical skills and strategies for building a sustainable enterprise

  • Insights from international and local experts in deep technology

  • Explore success stories from tech startups that have successfully leveraged disruptive technologies


The workshop is for startups who are focused on developing disruptive, innovative, and scalable technologies that have the potential to create real-world impact in their respective industries. 


  • Definition: In accordance with Startup India's definition, a startup must be less than 10 years old and have an annual turnover of less than 100 crore (US $14 million).

  • Stage of Development: Startups should be early-stage or growth-stage, with a minimum viable product (MVP) developed and some traction in the market.

  • Intellectual property (IP):  Startups should have some protectable intellectual property or have a solid plan for their protection.

  • Location: Startups must be registered in India.

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  • How to apply?
    Fill out this application. Selected startups will receive an invitation to attend by April 22nd.
  • Who should apply?
    The workshop is for startups who are focused on developing disruptive, innovative, and scalable technologies that have the potential to create real-world impact in their respective industries.
  • What is included in Deep Tech?
    Deep Tech refers to technologies that are difficult to replicate and have the potential to significantly impact society and industry. Examples of these include: Advanced Computing Advanced Materials Advanced Manufacturing Artificial Intelligence (education, agriculture and other applications) Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics Biotechnologies Communication and Networking Technologies Financial Technologies (FinTech) Industry 4.0, IoT, Sensors and Sensing Renewable Energy Generation and Storage Space Technologies Not sure if your company fits? Just send us an email to ask.
  • Can I attend virtually?
    It is an in-person workshop. Participants should follow all social distancing protocols for safety.
  • Is there any fee for this program?
    No. The workshop is free, but through application/invitation only. Travel costs to the workshop are the responsibility of the startups. For those startups coming from outside Bengaluru, hotel accommodation will be provided.
  • Will I receive a certificate of completion?
    Yes, each startup that completes the workshop will receive a certificate from Nexus and the U.S. Embassy.
  • Where can I reach out for more details?
    For more details please feel free to contact us on
Our Partners
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iTIC is one of the leading incubation centres in India and is working towards sensitization, ideation, incubation and acceleration of startups. For passionate individuals and aspiring entrepreneurs, iTIC conducts sensitization events which provide them exposure to the startup ecosystem and inspire them to choose entrepreneurship as a career. For idea/POC stage entrepreneurs, iTIC provides a structured pre-incubation program of 12 months and for the startups that have a prototype or an MVP, iTIC provides a structured incubation program of 24 months.

Screenshot 2023-03-19 at 10.35.37 PM.png

Foundation for Science Innovation and Development (FSID) is set up with a mission to ensure that scientific knowledge that exists within Indian Institute of Science is harnessed to help the industry and society at large. FSID strives to create and translate some of the finest original scientific knowledge and technology into a practical and valuable form in the real world. They approach this large and compelling task through four symbiotic entities that come together to compose FSID which are CORE, STEM, TIME² and SEED.

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MathWorks is the leading developer of mathematical computing software such as MATLAB, Simulink etc. Engineers and scientists worldwide rely on these product families to accelerate the pace of discovery, innovation, and development in automotive, aerospace, electronics, renewable energy, financial services, biotech, and other industries. MathWorks supports over 5,000 startups and 400 Accelerators worldwide.

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Johnson Controls India is the leading provider of the complete range of building solutions across HVAC equipment, building automation and controls, security, fire detection, fire suppression, digital solutions, industrial refrigeration, and retail solutions. We have been present in India since 1995 and are headquartered in Pune. We employ 8,500+ people including 850+ frontline staff. We have 9 Business centers, 3 factories, and 3 Research & Development (R&D) centers and 2 OpenBlue innovation center with 2500+ engineers.

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The Intel Startup Program is Intel India’s flagship program to engage with technology startups who have IP or innovative solutions that have the potential to create impact on the customers and align with Intel's focus areas. We at Intel Startup Program truly believe disruptions happen through collaboration and hence work with leading corporates and academia to nurture innovations. Our philosophy is to nurture innovations keeping in mind use cases that are disruptive, scalable and solve real-world problems. Hence, our programs are either vertically aligned or focus on emerging technologies.

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Atal Incubation Centre – Jyothy Institute of Technology Foundation (AIC-JITF) is an incubation center supported by AIM, NITI Aayog, Govt of India. It marks a new era in the field of scientific entrepreneurship enabling aspiring individuals, students and faculties to incubate and to build their start-up Ventures. AIC-JITF focuses on the following thrust areas: Materials, Food Technology, Devices and Sensors.

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NVIDIA pioneered accelerated computing to tackle challenges no one else can solve. Our work in AI and the metaverse is transforming the world's largest industries and profoundly impacting society.

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Tata Technologies is the strategic engineering partner businesses turn to when they aspire to be better. Manufacturing companies rely on us to enable them to conceptualize, develop and realize better products that are safer, cleaner, and improve the quality of life for all the stakeholders, helping us achieve our vision of #EngineeringABetterWorld.

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Cummins India Limited (CIL), part of the Cummins Group in India, is headquartered in Pune since 1962 and is the country's leading manufacturer of diesel and natural gas engines for power generation, industrial and automotive markets. The company caters to end markets such as construction, compressor, mining, marine, railway, oil and gas,  pumps, defense and power generation. CIL has five world class factories, a parts distribution centre, and a country- wide network of 20 dealerships with over 450 service points that provides products, services, and after-market  solutions for uptime of Cummins equipment and engines

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